Sydney is trying to promote its state of New South Wales (NSW) as a safe study destination for Indian students as Melbourne struggles to contain racial violence on the community in Australia.

According Herald Sun report, NSW Premier Kristina Keneally said there was difference between the two cities and announced a minister would be sent to India to tell education representatives students would be helped into safe accommodation in NSW.

“The difference between Sydney and Melbourne may be lost in the overseas market. We want to send a message NSW is a welcoming place for international students,” Ms. Keneally said.

The new announcement has led to clash between Victorian government with its NSW counterpart.

Victorian Premier John Brumby has hit out Ms. Keneally and accused her of trying to drag down Victoria while her State was much less safe than Victoria.

“We are the safest State in Australia, full stop,” Mr. Brumby said yesterday.

“All of the statistics on that are unambiguous,’ he said adding the crime rate against the person was 552 per 100,000 people in Victoria — half the 1100 per 100,000 in NSW.

Mr. Brumby said Victoria continued to attract visitors and residents from around the world and interstate — “by the way, including from NSW”.

“When you are the best performer, as we’ve been in this area, of course you get people trying to drag you down. But the facts remain: we are seen as the most livable city anywhere in Australia,” Mr. Brumby said.

Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu last night called on the Premier to release detailed crime statistics, including on Indian students.

“Nothing will change unless John Brumby comes clean on the data supporting his claims, tells the truth and takes action to end these violent assaults,” he said.

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