The engine of a stricken India-flagged cargo freighter was repaired by the onboard engineers early on Tuesday and the vessel with all the 28 crew members is now heading towards its destination Portland.

“They (crew) did not abandon the ship. They repaired the vessel and are currently underway headed to Portland, Oregon,” Sean Terry, Petty Officer, US Coast Guard told PTI over telephone from Alaska.

“All is fine. No one injured. Everybody remained on board,” Mr. Terry said.

Earlier, the crew of the ship in distress APJ Suryavir, had planned to abandon the ship in stormy seas and fierce winds.

On Sunday, the master of the ship APJ Suryavir had sought emergency help from the US Coast Guard as the ship went adrift off the coast of Alaska in a stormy North Pacific.

The engine of the ship, that went malfunctioning, for the past few days, was repaired by engineers on board at about 8:20 am local time (10:50 pm IST).

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