The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) on Wednesday decided not to extend its ceasefire which had expired on April 10. News reports quoting a spokesperson said that the TTP took this decision not to extend the ceasefire as the government had not responded to its call in a positive manner.

The TTP claimed that some fifty of its members were killed in custody and its demands were not met. However, it said that it would be interested in holding talks if the government was ready and serious.

The TTP first announced a ceasefire on March 1 for a month and then extended it by ten days. The government appointed committee and the TTP nominees met the Taliban shura at Tank and discussed various demands. The government has also released 19 non combatants from the Mehsud tribe as a measure of confidence building and gave out the promise of releasing another 13 more from other agencies.

Last Sunday, Interior minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan dispelled reports that the talks were deadlocked over the ceasefire, release of fighters and the declaration of a peace zone. He said another round with the Taliban shura would be held soon to discuss various issues and he was happy about the progress of the talks. He also said the cessation of hostilities continued.

With this latest announcement by the TTP, it remains to be seen how the talks go ahead.