Tariq Geedar, a little-known Taliban-linked outfit, using improvised AK-47s, was behind the attack on an aircraft in Peshawar that killed a woman passenger and injured crew members, an intelligence official said on Friday.

Shots were fired at the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane as it was landing at the Peshawar airport. The plane was carrying nearly 180 passengers from Riyadh to Peshawar.

“Tariq Geedar group based in Darra Adamkhel near Peshawar and linked to Taliban was responsible for the attack,” the official said.

The militants used rooftop of a school in suburban Sulimankhel area.

“As the school was closed for summer, the attackers easily sneaked on the top of it with weapons and attacked the plane,” he said.

Meanwhile, another unknown militant group also claimed responsibility for the attack.

Yousaf Raza Mujahid, who called himself as chief of Taliban al-Qaeda group said they carried out the attack to avenge atrocities on Taliban by the security forces.

He said his group was based in Bajaur tribal region.

Separately, a police official said that majority of people arrested during search operation on Wednesday were set free as they were innocent.


One killed after Pakistan plane fired onJune 25, 2014