A ransom of Rs. 50 million brought back Pakistan Parliament’s deputy secretary Moazzam Kalro.

A senior Pakistani official kidnapped by the Taliban in January was released after paying a hefty ransom of Rs. 50 million.

Armed men had abducted Pakistan Parliament’s deputy secretary Moazzam Kalro from Multan district of Punjab and took him to tribal area in Miram Shah.

Mr. Kalro is a close aide of former premier Yousuf Raza Gilani, who also belongs to Multan.

According to a family member of Mr. Kalro, the Taliban group had demanded Rs. 100 million ransom for his release.

“However, they finally settled on Rs. 50 million,” he said.

“Yesterday they (Taliban) released Kalro after receiving the ransom,” he said on Wednesday, adding during the captivity they ordered Mr. Kalro to grow beard and do prayers five time a day and lead a simple life.

While the Nawaz government is setting free ‘non-combatant’ prisoners, the Taliban is not reciprocating the gesture, the opposition Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) alleged.

“It seems the Taliban are not interested to free any non-combatant prisoner without charging ransom,” a member of PPP told PTI.

He said the government had set free over two-dozen Taliban prisoners and in return they had not yet released a single innocent prisoner.