The Pakistan government has opposed taking off the name of the former President, General (retd.) Pervez Musharraf from the Exit Control List (ECL).

One of his lawyers Faisal Hussain on Monday said the government was responding to notices from the Sindh High Court after a petition was filed to take his name off the ECL so he could travel abroad. The government stated that orders to put his name on the ECL were given by the Supreme Court last year. As such they cannot be challenged in the High Court.

Mr. Hussain said the government also said there were four cases filed against him and he could not be allowed to go out of the country at a time when there was a trial of high treason against him for which he was already indicted.

Last year too Gen. Musharraf had sought to leave the country but the Sindh High Court had asked him to approach the government. The special court trying him for high treason had said it was not within its jurisdiction to decide on his ECL plea.