Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Saturday said that he had nothing to do with the Musharraf case and every citizen was answerable to a court of law.

In a statement issued by the Prime Minister's office , Mr. Sharif said that the court will decide who is guilty or innocent and if treason was committed. The court had to also decide whether the imposition of emergency on November 3, 2007 was an act of treason or not. He said the case involved the state and the Constitution of Pakistan and it was not a case of an individual against Gen. Musharraf.

The government also scotched rumours of a secret deal with Gen. Musharraf. While an application has been made to the Interior Ministry to remove his name from the Exit Control List, the ministry said no fresh application was received as yet. The ministry is not permitting him to leave the country official sources said. However, an application has been made by Gen. Musharraf's wife to the Ministry to get his name off the List, it is learnt.

On Friday the Foreign Office denied that the visit of the Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister had to do with a secret deal to take Gen. Musharraf out of the country. There is much speculation that he will go abroad for treatment prompting several denials from the government.

Gen. Musharraf's legal team has been saying that the case is a vendetta against him by Mr. Sharif and that it has no legal standing. There are three petitions filed in the special court which is conducting the high treason trial. On Monday the court is expected to hear the prosecution's arguments on whether the judges of the court are biased as contended by the defence, whether the constitution of the court is illegal and if the Code of criminal procedure applies to the case.

Gen. Musharraf has been exempted from appearing three times, the last when he was admitted to hospital. The medical team treating him is expected to finalise a report which may be presented in court on Monday when the case will be heard next.