The Indian High Commission has on Monday received the belongings of prisoner Sarabjit Singh who died after jail inmates assaulted him with bricks in Lahore central jail in April year.

The belongings will be sent to India soon.

Earlier the belongings were sent to the Pakistan Interior Ministry after a request by the Indian authorities some months ago. The jail authorities at Lahore had said that a number of small articles of personal use like his cup, spoon, plate, his clothes and shoes along with some books which included the Quran, some books in Hindi and other belongings were sent to the Ministry of the Interior.

Since he was serving a death sentence he was not doing any prison work, the jail official said. There was no money which was being sent back. Singh was in jail for over 20 years after he was convicted of terrorism charges. His family had contested this saying he was a man who had strayed into Pakistan and it was a case of mistaken identity.

After his death in May 2013 his sister Dalbir Kaur had demanded that the Pakistan government return his belongings and clothes and a personal diary which she wanted to preserve in the memory of her brother. Despite several appeals for his release Singh remained in jail till he was fatally attacked.


Sarabjit Singh deadMay 2, 2013