Five Indian nationals, allegedly carrying weapons, were arrested on Sunday by Armed Police Force at the Biratnagar customs check point in eastern Nepal, several online news portals reported citing government new agency, RSS.

They have been handed over to Nepal Police for further investigation, Nepal Police Spokesperson Ganesh K.C. told The Hindu.

The RSS dispatch said those arrested are Ranjit Chaudhary (42), Sanjaya Raya (27), Shantipur Mahato (27), Bibek Singh (36) and Ashish Gupta of Purnia in Bihar. They were travelling in a van (BR 11 T 2465). All of them have reportedly said they work for Mahindra Distributors in Bihar. Mr. Raya was found with the pistol and 10 rounds of ammunitions.

Biratnagar DIG, Nawaraj Silwal, told The Hindu over phone that an investigation is on to verify the claim of Mr. Chaudhary that they were carrying a licensed pistol. DIG Silwal, however, denied the report that police also recovered from the Indians Rs. 1,00,000 of 500 denomination and Rs. 11,000 of 1000 denomination. Both denominations are banned in Nepal as per the request from the Reserve Bank of India.

Carrying or trading in 500- and 1000-rupee Indian notes is illegal in the country.