Adviser to the Prime Minister on National Security and Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz has conveyed the Pakistan government's deep concern to the U.S. Ambassador in Islamabad after the drone strike in Hangu on Thursday, an official statement said.

The concern was conveyed on the same day, said the statement on Friday adding that the government had strongly condemned the U.S. drone strike that took place in Hangu district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Mr. Aziz also said the drone strike has deeply disturbed the people of Pakistan.

The Advisor re-emphasized that the drone strikes are not only a violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, they are also had a negative impact on the Government’s efforts to pursue the consensus in the All Parties Conference to explore the dialogue process for peace and stability. The Government of Pakistan would demand immediate cessation of these drone strikes, he said.

The statement added that ever since it took over, the present government has been raising its concern over the drone strikes with the U.S. Administration and at the United Nations. The Prime Minister during his recent visit to the U.S. had also raised the issue with President Obama and other senior U.S. leaders. It was therefore a matter of particular concern to Pakistan that the November 21 strike targeted a location in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province and also resulted in the unfortunate killings of several persons including children.