Security forces in the earthquake-hit areas of Awaran and Mushkay in Balochistan were there only for relief activities and not for a military operation, according to a statement on Sunday by the director-general of Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR).

The ISPR said it was dispelling a misconception, which has been created by some media reports, and propagated by "miscreants" about the military operation. The statement said that security forces are committed to relief operation only, despite repeated attacks.

Security forces had exercised utmost restraint, despite six soldiers being killed by bomb and fire raids, and another 12 soldiers injured, the statement said. The director-general ISPR invited the media to visit the area to witness the situation on the ground. Last week there were three instances of firing on security forces. Till now 892 trucks of relief goods, 5180 tonnes of ration and 37,022 tents have been distributed among the affected persons.

Awaran is the stronghold of the Balochistan nationalist forces, who have bitter memories of the Army operation some years ago.