At least 10 people were killed and 25 injured in two attacks in Afghanistan, officials said on Wednesday, with 40 NATO tankers destroyed in one of the two incidents.

“A suicide car bomber detonated his explosives close to a NATO convoy in a crowded area in Lashkar Gah city, killing four people including a woman and a child”, said Amar Zwak, a spokesman for the governor of Helmand province.

Mr. Zwak said 15 civilians were wounded. The NATO-led coalition said they did not have any reports of dead or injured among multinational forces.

A witness was reported as saying he saw five people killed and three injured in the blast.

In the western province of Farah, 40 NATO supply tankers were torched and six of their drivers killed in a Taliban rocket attack.

Ten drivers were injured in the attack on Tuesday night in Balabolook district, governor’s spokesman Abdul Rahman Zhwnaday said.

Meanwhile, Taliban fighters launched a coordinated attack against a joint Polish-American military base in eastern Afghanistan, an official said.

"First, an explosives-filled minibus was detonated by an attacker to destroy the eastern wall of the Polish-American Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) in the outskirts of Ghazni city to pave the way for his friends", said Mohammad Ali Ahmadi, deputy provincial governor for the province of the same name.

"Unfortunately five civilians, including a woman and a teenage girl, were injured as the huge explosion broke the glasses of the nearby houses", Ahmadi said.

The second group attacked from the western part of the base, but faced resistance from guards.

(Headline corrected for an error)