Anni Dewani's was shot dead a day after arriving here

A South African man convicted on Tuesday in the murder of a Swedish woman honeymooning in Cape Town says her British husband paid to have her killed, according to a plea agreement submitted in court.

Zola Tongo claimed Shrien Dewani approached him about killing his new wife the day the couple arrived in South Africa. Anni Dewani's body was found the next day in a Cape Town township; she had been shot in the back of the neck.

Mr. Dewani has denied any involvement in his wife's murder in interviews given to British news outlets, which have been speculating for weeks about his possible role.

A celebrity publicist hired by Mr. Dewani said: “Coming from a taxi driver who admitted to playing a part in murdering his wife, I think it should be treated with contempt it deserves. Let's see what evidence there is to back up these accusations. They have said he [Mr. Dewani] is not a suspect. That is the only true communications that have come out from the official bodies.”

He said authorities have not contacted Mr. Dewani, who returned to Britain soon after his wife's body was found.

Mthunzi Mhaga, spokesman for South Africa's national prosecuting office, said a bid to request Mr. Dewani's extradition is “a matter that is likely to be considered” as part of continuing probe.

Ms. Dewani's father Vinod Hindocha, attended Tuesday's court hearing. “We are very, very confident about the police investigation,” he said.

Tongo said he drove the couple from the airport to their hotel on November 13. Once the wife was out of earshot, the driver said Mr. Dewani asked if he could find someone to kill her. Tongo said Mr. Dewani offered about $7,000, but paid only about $145.

Mr. Dewani had told authorities the couple was returning to their hotel from dinner when gunmen forced him and the driver from the vehicle.

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