Jammu and Kashmir is shown as a “disputed area” in the map on the hard cover of a book being published under the auspices of the Institute of South Asian Studies (ISAS) here. The volume, with a 2010 publication dateline, was available on Wednesday before the ISAS held its latest annual conference and launched an exclusive website for the South Asian Diaspora.

Both the website and the book are two different projects of the ISAS, with the volume featuring the proceedings of the institute’s conference last year on various issues relating to South Asia.

The seemingly un-sourced map portrays Jammu and Kashmir in its entirety as a “disputed area” under the solitary name of “Kashmir.” Clearly covering Pakistan-occupied Kashmir or ‘Azad Kashmir’ as well, the “disputed area” is shown as being separate from India, Pakistan, and China.

Such a cartographic presentation appears quite unusual for a publication from Singapore. Interestingly, the post-colonial-era map has an old name like Cape Comorin for the South Indian coastal landmark.