A group of Russian scientists is arriving in Chennai on Monday to present breakthrough pollution control technologies developed for use in countries like India.

During their six-day visit the seven-member delegation will make presentations and hold workshops to acquaint Indian ecologists, municipal authorities and businessmen with a range of innovative Russian technologies of cleaning waste water, recycling of wastes, and obtaining bio-fuel.

One of the eco-friendly technologies to be presented in Chennai is Purolat-Bingsti, a highly effective and cheap way to kill helminths in sewage water, manure, runoff of livestock farms, as well as on sand beaches and children sand playgrounds. It is a 100 per cent vegetation product, which has no match in the world.

Another technology involves a new revolutionary method for producing salt-free nano-silver that effectively kills disease-causing bacteria in food and water and is absolutely safe for people, including small children.

The Russian delegation is visiting Chennai at the invitation of the Indo-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industries and the Indo-Russian Cultural and Friendship Society to mark the 40th anniversary of the Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Chennai.