The Russian air force says one of its jets has crashed in southern Siberia but its crew of two ejected to safety.

The air force said that an Su?25 ground attack jet crashed on Friday during a regular training mission. It went down near the village of Aga?Khangil, about 100 kilometers (some 60 miles) north of the border with Mongolia.

Air force spokesman Vladimir Drik said in a statement that it has grounded its Su?25 fleet pending a probe into the crash.

Mr. Drik said the jet caused no damage on the ground. The RIA Novosti agency said it fell just 30 meters from a house under construction.

The twin?engined Su?25 was designed in the 1970s for ground attack missions and built in great numbers for the Soviet air force and exports. Hundreds remain in service in Russia and other ex?Soviet nations.

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