As more and more local companies are expanding operations for rebuilding Iraq, a special group of Russian ex-commandos are undergoing intensive military training ahead of deployment in the war-torn state for security duties performed earlier by the infamous US Blackwater agency, according to a report.

“The ‘Oryol’ (Eagle) is made up of ex-military officers go through highly-specialised training, under very tough conditions at their anti-terror centre, which may seem like an intense action scene from a Hollywood blockbuster, but in fact it is to prepare Russian men to work in Iraq,” Russia Today TV reported.

These men from the anti-terror group ‘Oryol’ and, much like their infamous, American counterpart “Blackwater“; provide private security for Russian engineers and businessmen operating inside Iraq.

The company is entirely made up of ex-military officers who wanted an outlet to continue to use their skills and believe they can compete with their British and American counterparts by adopting a unique approach.

“Before we send people there, we put them through some serious training. This includes psychological training and an educational programme,” says Sergey Epishkin, head of Oryol anti-terror training centre told Russia TV.

“In our classes, we even speak the way they speak in this particular region. If you can’t master local slang, you can run into a serious trouble sometimes”.

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