Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s artist-activist nephew was on Tuesday fined for offensive behaviour as he dressed up in a Ku Klux Klan outfit to protest racism at a demonstration outside the venue of Australian Open.

Van Rudd, son of the Prime Minster’s brother Malcom Rudd, and another man staged a protest outside the Rod Laver Arena against the recent spate of violence against Indians in Melbourne.

Mr. Van Rudd’s protest came after eight men were arrested for bashing two Indian students overnight.

Carrying banners “Let the refugees in” and “no racist attacks on Indians,” Mr. Rudd and the other man refused to move from the lawn outside the arena, saying they were protesting because the Australian government refused to acknowledge that the attacks on Indians were racist and that locking up asylum seekers was wrong.

Their protest came on what the group branded: “Australia Day/Invasion Day.”

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