A Polish court ruled on Wednesday that an alleged Mossad agent tied to the Dubai slaying of a Hamas leader should be extradited to Germany.

Uri Brodsky, an Israeli citizen, is suspected of having helped to forge a German passport used in the January assassination of Mahmoud al—Mabhouh.

Brodsky hid his face from reporters as he walked to the courtroom, escorted by seven anti—terrorist policemen. The proceedings were closed to the media.

Prosecutors said last month that they were not taking politics into consideration, but were acting in accordance with procedures after Germany issued a European arrest warrant for Brodsky.

Israel has spoken out against the extradition, saying the suspect should stand before an Israeli court.

Israel’s request not to extradite Brodsky put Poland in a sensitive spot between two close allies, Germany and Israel, commentators said.

Prime Minister Donald Tusk has said he hopes the case will not harm Polish—Israeli relations, but that European law left the court with few choices.

Germany applied for the suspect’s extradition after he was arrested on June 4 in Warsaw’s airport on an European arrest warrant.

Along with other western nations, Germany was angry that its passports were used by members of a suspected Mossad hit team that is believed to have murdered al—Mabhouh, a co—founder of Hamas’ military wing, in a hotel room on January 19.

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