Britain’s High Commissioner in Islamabad, Adam Thomson, on Thursday said Pakistan was the world leader in visa and passport fraud. Addressing the media in connection with the London Olympics, he said the reason why Pakistani applicants for British visas were particularly scrutinized was because of the frequent use of forged documents in the applications.

“You are world leaders in the visa fraud business which is why we have to check very scrupulously every single application, every single passport, every single document,'” he said; adding that last year the British weeded out 4,000 such documents.

The issue came to the forefront this week after British tabloid The Sun published a report of a visa scam in which Pakistanis were allegedly accessing the Olympics visa posing as part of the country’s national squad with fake documents.

Pakistan — after taking action on the basis of the story — has threatened to sue the tabloid for defamation.

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