Pakistan on Monday said it had successfully test-fired an indigenously developed multi-tube cruise missile that can carry both nuclear and conventional warheads over a range of 700 km. According to the Inter Services Public Relations, the Babur (Hatf-VII) cruise missile can strike targets on land and at sea with “pinpoint accuracy”.

Armed with stealth features, Babur is low-flying and terrain-hugging. It is equipped with modern cruise missile technology of Terrain Contour Matching and Digital Scene Matching and Area Co-relation. It was launched from a Multi Tube Missile Launch Vehicle in the presence of the senior hierarchy of the Strategic Plans Division.

In Monday’s test, the National Command Authority’s fully automated Strategic Command and Control Support System was employed. It enables robust command and control capability of all strategic assets with round the clock situational awareness in a digitised network-centric environment to decision makers at National Command Centre (NCC), a statement put out by ISPR said. “The system has the added capability of real time remote monitoring of missile flight path”, it added.

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