Pakistan on Monday night conveyed its anger over the U.S. Congressional hearing on Balochistan with the National Assembly passing a unanimous resolution condemning what the political class saw as interference in its internal affairs.

Earlier in the day, the U.S. Charge d'Affairs Richard Hoagland was called to the Foreign Office and “officially conveyed the government's serious concern'' with regard to the hearing held by the U.S. Foreign Affairs Sub-Committee on Oversight and Investigations in relation to Balochistan.

Mr. Hoagland was informed that such a hearing was unacceptable to Pakistan as it amounted to interference in the internal affairs of the country. The Charge D'Affairs, according to a statement issued by the Foreign Office, said the U.S. administration had not extended any support to the initiative nor did it subscribe to such views.

The resolution of the National Assembly articulated more or less the same sentiment; only in stronger words. It described the hearing as evidence of “blatant interference'' in Pakistan's internal affairs which could jeopardise a healing process in the already strained bilateral relations.

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