The indefinite nationwide strike called by the UCPN (Maoist) took a different turn on its fifth day, Thursday, when people carried out rallies against the strike in several parts of the country.

In Birganj, clashes erupted between Maoist cadres and pro Hindu workers and the locals when they vandalised Maoist shelters. Maoist leaders and cadres were injured. The clashes also broke out between the locals of Kathmandu and the Maoist cadres. In a few places outside the capital, curfew had to be imposed to contain the situation.

Those coming out in the streets against the Maoist strike say their normal lives have been hit hard and want an end to it.

Among others, scarcity of food has affected the people here as all shops are closed and transportation of grocery, which largely comes from outside the valley is blocked. Though major political parties are holding discussions, no consensus has been reached yet to end the political crisis. The Maoists have been demanding a new government under their leadership.

A Maoist spokesperson claimed that the ruling parties had used their cadres against their cadres.

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