US President Barack Obama has left his followers on Twitter facing disappointment after revealing he never used the popular micro-blogging website himself.

The President was portrayed as “connected” to the people through the website and his ever-present Blackberry phone during his election campaign.

The leader recently confessed in front of students in Shanghai that he was not so gadget savvy.

“Let me say that I have never used Twitter,” the Telegraph quoted him as saying. “I noticed that young people are very busy with these electronics. My thumbs are too clumsy to type in things on the phone,” he added.

Some fans said they were not surprised with the revelation considering the nature of his job.

@Inap asked: “Did anyone really think he was posting on his own?” Others, however, were more disappointed, for example @bkuri, who wrote: “Unfollowing @BarackObama now. What a letdown!”

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