President Barack Obama on Saturday said he was satisfied that, 10 years after the September 11 terrorist attacks, the United States was stronger and that its number one enemy, al-Qaeda, was on its way to being defeated.

“Thanks to the tireless efforts of our military personnel and our intelligence, law enforcement and homeland security professionals, there should be no doubt today, America is stronger and al-Qaeda is on the path to defeat,” Mr. Obama said in his weekly radio address.

“We’ve taken the fight to al-Qaeda like never before,” he said.

Mr. Obama highlighted the killing of the head of al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, and other senior leaders of the terrorist network.

“Over the past two and a half years, more senior al-Qaeda leaders have been eliminated than at any time since 9/11. And thanks to the remarkable courage and precision of our forces, we finally delivered justice to Osama bin Laden.” “They wanted to terrorize us, but, as Americans, we refuse to live in fear.”

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