US President Barack Obama, who vacations in Hawaii, on Saturday continued to monitor the situation arising out of a failed attempt to blow up a US plane midair and convened a second conference call with his top national security aid to review the situation.

“The President convened a secure call this morning at 6:20 am Hawaiian time with John Brennan, his Homeland Security and Counter-terrorism Adviser, and Denis McDonough, National Security Staff Chief of Staff, where he received an update on the heightened air travel safety measures being taken to keep the American people safe and on the investigation,” White House spokesman Bill Burton said in a statement.

This is Obama’s second conference call after a Nigerian national was nabbed by fellow passengers on Friday following his failed attempt to ignite a small explosive on board the North West Airlines plane coming from Amsterdam to Detroit.

The White House had termed it as a attempted act of terrorism.

“The President will continue to actively monitor the situation,” Mr. Burton said.

Soon after the news was relayed to the President, he had held a secure conference call with his security team.

A White House official said the President appreciated the actions of the crew and the passengers.

Mr. Obama is currently on his vacation in Hawaii. There has been no change in his vacation schedule due to the unfolding developments in the aftermath of the terror plot, which has sent alarm bell ringing in the US security establishment.

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