A train carrying nuclear waste across Germany, has reached its destination, Gorleben, in the north of the country, after witnessing massive protests by anti-nuclear activists during its journey.

A shipment of nuclear waste has arrived at a railway depot in northern Germany after a nearly three—day trip from France that was regularly disrupted by protests.

The train carrying 11 containers of waste arrived on Monday in the town of Dannenberg. The waste will now be loaded onto trucks for the final 12—mile (20—kilometer) leg of the trip to a storage site at Gorleben.

The loading is expected to take most the rest of the day.

The train completed the last leg of its journey after some 3,000 protesters were removed from the tracks.

Police say the road to Gorleben is still blocked by some 1,600 protesters.

Activists say neither the waste containers nor the Gorleben site, a temporary storage facility, are safe.

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