Russia has slammed unilateral European Union sanctions against Iran as “unacceptable” and showing “disdain” for the U.N. Security Council.

In a statement issued a day after the EU on Monday adopted new sanctions targeting Iran's energy sector, the Russian Foreign Ministry also said the move could derail international efforts to resolve the problem of the Iranian nuclear programme.

Branding EU and U.S. unilateral sanctions “unacceptable”, the statement said they “not only undermine our joint efforts in the search for a political-diplomatic resolution of the situation around Iran's nuclear programme but demonstrate disdain for the carefully calibrated and agreed-upon provisions of the U.N. Security Council resolutions.”

The statement suggested that the West's unilateral action could force Moscow to change its course on Iran.

“Either we work together in the format of the ‘sixtet' and the U.N. Security Council, or each will act on the basis of one's own priorities. We must state with regret that the EU and U.S. recent moves to step up pressure on Iran show scorn for the principles of joint work.”

Russia supported the fourth round of U.S.-pushed sanctions against Iran in the U.N. Security Council in June, but after Washington slapped additional penalties on Tehran Moscow signed an energy roadmap with Tehran, promising to supply fuel to Iran and set up joint projects in oil and gas.

In another statement issued on Monday evening, the Russian Foreign Ministry “welcomed” the new round of diplomacy launched by Iran, Brazil and Turkey to implement the nuclear fuel swap proposal the trio made on May 17. Iran's readiness to renew talks with the Vienna group comprising Russia, France and the U.S., “inspires optimism”, said the Russian statement.

“We deem it important to invite representatives of Brazil and Turkey to the forthcoming meeting,” Moscow stressed.

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