Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s secret visit to Russia could be linked to his plans to attack Iran, said a leading Russian daily.

The Kommersant daily on Thursday quoted a senior Kremlin official as confirming that Mr. Netanyahu did pay a blitz visit to Moscow on Monday. He did not say though whom the Israeli leader had met or what he had discussed in Moscow.

Kremlin spokespersons earlier said they had no information about the visit. However, after an Israeli government source admitted that the visit did take place, the Kremlin followed suit.

An “informed” Israeli source told the Kommersant that Mr. Netanyahu’s visit could have been prompted by some extraordinary developments related to Iran’s nuclear programme.

“It cannot be ruled out that Israel is ready to mount decisive action and Netanyanu deemed it necessary to brief the Kremlin,” the Kommersant quoted the source.

The Israeli Haaretz daily for its part quoted a source in the Israeli government as saying Mr. Netanyahu’s visit to Moscow was over “matters of war and not matters of peace.”


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