Ten days after the attack on the Indian priests of Pashupatinath Temple by Maoists, India’s Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao visited the sacred temple on Tuesday morning and described Pashupati as a “place for worship.”

“I prayed that His blessings and His benedictions will be showered on the people of Nepal, with whom we share very close ties of friendship, solidarity, and partnership,” she said.

At a press meet later, she said politicisation of the issue “would not be conducive to the atmosphere of the good relations” between the two countries. Ms Rao, who also met with the Maoist leaders, said she discussed the issue with Nepal’s political leaders too.

“The government of Nepal has reassured me that they have taken all necessary measures to ensure the security and well-being of the Indian priests and continuation of regular prayers at the temple.”

The two priests, Raghavendra and Girish, have been provided with police security even after the struggle committee members who had assaulted them and staged demonstrations have stopped their protest.

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