The Punjabi woman whose murder in a west London suburb earlier this week sent shockwaves through the local Indian community had reportedly confided to her colleagues that she felt “frightened” and “harassed.”

Geeta Aulakh, 28, a receptionist in Southall-based Sunrise Radio, was found in a pool of blood near her child-minder’s house in Greenford on Monday evening and later she died in hospital.

It has emerged that on two occasions, she called the police apparently after rows with her husband, Harpreet, from whom she later separated. But, she declined to lodge a formal complaint .

The police, who have arrested six men, believe that she was a victim of a planned attack by more than one person, and that the alleged assailants may have been known to her. “We are not talking about an unknown attacker here, who she does not know. It is complicated, but what you are looking at is a fairly closed group of people,” the police told a newspaper.

According to her colleagues, she was being pestered by her estranged husband, who wanted to get back with her. They said he called very often and sometimes came to her office.

Harpreet, also known as Sunny, was arrested within hours of her murder but later released on bail.

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