Army will continue to guard vital installations

A majority of military personnel manning check posts across the capital city have returned to their barracks, a scale-back after more than three decades.

“Most of them [military personnel] have been removed from all the check points in Colombo,” army spokesman Brigadier Ruwan Wanigasooriya told The Hindu. “The military will also guard vital installations such as airport, ports etc,” he said when asked where the Army was still keeping guard.

Other towns

On the question of the army being moved back to the barracks from other towns, he said that as the security situation improved, these personnel too would be removed. “Evaluation is an on going process. We will decide after taking into consideration the ground situation,” he said.

Check posts, barricades, and long queues at multiple points on major roads were a regular feature in Colombo. After the defeat of the Tamil Tigers in May 2009, the Sri Lankan government has been slowly, but surely scaling down its security procedures. First to go was the high walls around many buildings in the city. The watch towers went next. The third improvement was the pulling down of the remaining walls and beautification of the city.

After this, the number of check points leading up to the city, and in the city, was reduced.

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