Britain’s new David Cameron-led government should work towards further strengthening UK’s bilateral ties with India, which have never been better, former Foreign Secretary David Miliband has said.

Mr. Miliband, a strong contender for Labour leadership, said the Indo-Britain ties during his party’s term, were marked by the remarkable relationship between former Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Manmohan Singh, as he pressed on the need to build on the achievements of the previous government.

“During the Labour regime, the two Prime Ministers -- Gordon Brown and Dr Manmohan Singh -- had a fantastic relationship and British Indian relationship was never been better,” Mr. Miliband said here on Tuesday night.

Emphasising that it is very important for any government to build on the achievements of previous governments, Mr. Miliband, said: “I want to see the links between Britain and India strengthened properly“.

Earlier, speaking at a reception held in honour of the newly elected Councillors at the famous Red Fort restaurant, Mr. Miliband called upon partymen to re-dedicate themselves to champion the cause of the electorate with “principal, humility and determination“.

He said though the party had lost power at the national level, it had gained power in most of the Councils.

“We have suffered defeat at the national level but (we are) not defeated,” he noted.

Mr. Miliband said the party should be proud of the achievements made during its 13-year regime, particularly in the Middle East peace process, democratic rule in Pakistan, improving friendship with India and supporting the cause of the people of Sri Lanka.

“Modern Britain is much stronger and much more multi-cultural,” he said at the reception organised by NRI Labour MP Rt Hon Keith Vaz, Member, National Executive Committee of the party.

Leader of the Opposition, Harriett Harman was the Chief Guest.