A man thought to be Iranian blew his own legs off with a grenade on Tuesday after being refused a cab ride in Bangkok.

The man detonated three grenades in the capital’s Phrakhanong district, injuring three other people, Police Colonel Voravudh Thaweethakorn said.

The first explosion occurred in a shop house rented by the man around 2 p.m. (0700 GMT).

He then ran out to the street and attempted to hail a cab. When the taxis refused to stop for him, he hurled a grenade at one of them, injuring the driver and two pedestrians, Mr. Voravudh said.

The suspect fled but was tracked down by police. He threw another grenade at the officers when they tried to arrest him, but it bounced off a tree and blew up next to him, severing both legs.

A hotel bill in the man’s wallet bore the name Saeib Morabi. Hotel employees told police that he had registered as an Iranian national.

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