The primary reason behind detaining Iqbal Mohamed, a Maldivian citizen, in Male, was because of his suspected links to the September 2007 Sultan Park bombing (in the Maldives), the Maldivian government has clarified.

An Interpol Red Notice issued against him in connection with an Improvised Explosive Device which was detonated in Sultan Park, Male on September 29, 2007. Iqbal Mohamed was travelling back to the Maldives from Pakistan, via Colombo, when the Interpol’s Major Events’ Support Team, who was in operation due to the ICC Cricket World Cup, identified him and informed the Maldivian authorities in coordination with the security agencies of our friendly neighbouring countries.

He was detained upon his arrival at Male’ International Airport, by the Maldives Police Service on March 10. Following his arrest at Male’ International Airport, Iqbal Mohamed was held in Police custody for 15 days, and was released on March 25, following an order by the Maldivian Criminal Court. The Maldives Police Service continues to investigate Iqbal Mohamed and any possible links to the 2007 Sultan Park bombing.

Maldivian National Security Advisor, Ameen Faisal clarified that it has any knowledge of Iqbal’s involvement in any planned attack on the ICC Cricket World Cup, which has been alluded to in the press over the last 3 days. “We remain grateful for the quick support afforded to us in this matter, by the Interpol and our partner agencies in the region,” he said in a statement.

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