The Malaysian government has decided to introduce biometric registration for foreign visitors to tackle cases of forgery, overstaying and misuse of visas.

The National Foreigners Enforcement and Registration System (NERS), to be introduced at all 96 entry points to monitor the arrival and departure of foreign visitors, will become effective June 1.

Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin said the system would be able to handle issues such as document forgery, overstay and misuse of visas, passes and work permits.

“This is the focus of strengthening the management of foreign citizens,” he said on Thursday.

Mr. Muhyiddin said NERS and the existing Malaysian Immigration System (MyIMMs) would be reinforced with the development of the Advanced Passenger Screening System (APSS) to enable fast and efficient screening of foreign visitors.

“These initiatives are part of a holistic and more effective approach to record all visitors, whether they are foreign workers, students, trade officers or tourists.”

“Once a foreign worker arrives at an Immigration centre, his fingerprints will be taken and he will be registered in 20 seconds. If he overstays, we will know immediately,” he said.

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