The number of Britons “at risk” in the hostage crisis in Algeria is now “significantly less” than 30, Prime Minister David Cameron said on Friday.

He told parliament that the military operation in southern Algeria was “ongoing” and that Algerian forces were “still pursuing terrorists and hostages” at several locations.

He said he asked Algeria on Thursday to warn him if any rescue action was planned, but added that Britain was not informed of the assault by Algerian military until it was under way.

Meanwhile BP, which part-controls the gas plant that was attacked by Islamic militants, said there was “a small number” of its employees “whose current location and situation remain uncertain.”

British Prime Minister David Cameron says Algerian forces are “still pursuing terrorists” and are looking for hostages at an oil installation in the Sahara desert.

Mr. Cameron told lawmakers Friday that Algerian troops are still engaged in an operation to secure a “large and complex site.”

Mr. Cameron said 30 Britons had been unaccounted for Thursday, but that number is now considerably reduced Algerian special forces stormed a gas plant in eastern Algeria on Thursday to wipe out Islamist militants and free hostages from at least 10 countries. The number of dead and injured remains uncertain.

Extra protection added for diplomatic posts, energy facilities in Algeria region, he added.

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