A Tamil book that explores the similarities of Indian mythologies with those in other languages and cultures, was released recently. The book is a compilation of essays of K.V.S.Vas, contributor to The Hindu from 1950 to 1984. His son K.V.S.Mohan compiled the essays on the occasion of the 100 birth anniversary of Vas.

To commemorate the occasion, Virakesari (Express Newspapers here) and Vas’ family organised an event here. Speakers, including T. Eswaran, Honorary Consul of Mauritius, Tamil Scholar Jayaraj, and Editors of Tamil publications in Colombo, spoke on the importance of the compilation titled Vellinattu Vazhipadugalil Nam Kalachara Otturumai, and also the contribution of Vas to Sri Lankan journalism.

Vas came to Sri Lanka in 1930, after completing a university degree from St. Joseph’s College in Trichy.

He authored several Tamil novels and books. A few years ago his book, Eezhathin Kathai (Story of Sri Lanka), was re-launched. This book was one of the first historical works about Sri Lanka in Tamil.

Translation of this book into English is currently being undertaken by his grandson, who lives in Washington DC.

Vas, who wrote under the pseudonyms Valmiki and Rajani, later joined the editorial department of the Virakesari. He was appointed General Manager in 1969 for a few months. Countless were the anecdotes recounted by the late E C B Wijesinghe when they covered the Burma Front during World War II.

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