Warning against any move to “disintegrate” the country while delineating its federal structure, the Nepali Congress, a key constituent of the ruling coalition, today slammed former Nepalese Prime Minister, Prachanda, for favouring a presidential system.

“Various models of federal structures have been suggested by many but while delineating the country’s federal structure it should not lead to disintegration,” Nepali Congress chief Girija Prasad Koirala said, adding “any one who wants to disintegrate the country will have to pass over my dead body”.

He said he would not compromise on the issue of national sovereignty and integrity while deciding about the federal structure of Nepal.

“I have also talked to leaders from India, China and other international community on the matter. Nepal can learn from three democracies in the world — USA, Britain and India, the largest democracy,” Mr. Koirala said, while releasing a book on the history of Nepali Congress here.

However, the British model or the Westminster model of democracy is most suitable for Nepal, the NC chief said, adding he had also talked to Prachanda in this regard and that the Maoist chief preferred the same.

Now he is talking about the presidential system. I told him why is he making contradictory remarks, Mr. Koirala said.

I asked him “when you have already accepted the parliamentary type of democracy, why are you talking about the presidential system now,” he said.

So far as republic system is concerned there is no debate among the parties on this issue, he pointed out.

Expressing concern over infighting in all the major parties, including Unified CPN-Maoist and the CPN-UML, he said it is not a good sign for the future of democracy in Nepal. If the political parties are divided within it would weaken the nation.

Mr. Koirala said he is making efforts to form a high level all party political mechanism soon to take the peace process to its logical end and to draft the Constitution on time.

“We have brought the peace process to this point and now we should move forward to complete it,” he added.

Talking about the 560-page book — The Outline History of the Nepali Congress — authored by Nepali Congress leader Purushottam Basnet, Mr. Koirala said “the new book describes the authentic history of the NC and all the party cadres should read it to know the actual history of the largest democratic party”.

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