Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah has dismissed a ultraconservative adviser after he criticised reforms aimed at easing restrictions on women, the kingdom's state media reports. Sheik Abdul-Mohsen al-Obeikan had said officials were working to Westernize and secularise laws by “legalising taboos.”

“This situation is a very dangerous one that is linked to schemes by influential people to corrupt Muslim society by removing women from their natural position,” he said in remarks recently broadcast on the station UFM. The official Saudi Press Agency reported on Friday Mr. Al-Obeikan's dismissal without giving further details.

King Abdullah has irked the hardline clerics by easing some restrictions and allowing women to vote and run in 2015 municipal elections.

After his dismissal, Mr. Al-Obeikan posted on his Twitter account a statement saying he hopes that the kingdom's rulers are kept away from “bad advisers.”

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