Tayyab Baloch, a staff reporter with a private TV channel was manhandled outside the special court trying the former President, General (retd.) Pervez Musharraf on Friday.

Mr. Baloch was walking up to the court room in the National Library when he was rudely interrupted by Jan Mohammed, Inspector General (Security) Islamabad who asked him who he was before ordering the elite police to check him. Mr. Baloch was listening to music on his cell phone and the police asked him why he was carrying his mobile.

He tried to tell them that he was going to deposit his mobile at a collection point outside the court but Mr. Mohammed told the police to take him away.

To this Mr. Baloch asked if he looked like a terrorist as he was wearing a shalwar kameez. “The police dragged me to a vehicle and I was let off because some journalists came running and intervened,” he said.