Indian students at Cambridge University have extended support to the anti-corruption campaign being led by Anna Hazare and called for a more transparent system of checks and balances at the highest level.

In a statement, the student group Swatantra-- Forum for the Advance of Civil Society—expressed "deep concern" over the current state of governance in India and said there was "urgent need to integrate civil society as an extension of the government in order to achieve greater transparency and accountability".

"We sympathise with Anna Hazare’s demands for a strong coalition between the government and its people. Continued inaction by the previous governments over a long period of forty two years reflects poorly on the State. Further, the existing legislation does not grant complete autonomy to agencies such as the Lokpal, resulting in a weak and ineffective regulatory mechanism," said the statement issued by its "chairpersons" Abhimanyu Gahlaut and Arun Sarkar.

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