A Dubai court has increased the jail term of an Indian mother to 15 years for killing her daughter, attempting to kill the second one, and then trying to turn the knife on herself.

An appeal court here raised the sentence to 15 years for the 24-year-old woman, ruling she had intentionally killed her three-and-a-half-year-old daughter Nashua and then tried to murder her 22-month-old sister Najiya with a 16-inch knife, Gulf News reported on Monday.

A lower court, finding the accused guilty of the crime, had earlier sentenced her to 10 to 15 years in jail. But the appeals court, which she approached to reduce her sentence, raised it.

As per the law in the United Arab Emirates, the mother was not named in court and only referred to by her initials, H.A. She pleaded not guilty to all the charges.

The court was told that the younger daughter’s life was saved by emergency services after she was rushed to hospital by paramedics, and that the baby girl had sustained 35 per cent permanent disability.

The court also summoned psychological experts who examined the woman and concluded that she did not suffer from any mental disorder and was responsible for her actions.

Prosecutors in the course of the hearing said H.A. had thrown her eldest daughter Nashua over the bed and repeatedly stabbed her in the back.

H.A.’s 34-year-old husband, a computer programmer, testified in the lower court that she didn’t suffer from any mental illness since their marriage in 2001. He never took her to a psychologist and her parents never informed him that she suffered from any psychological disorder, he added.

“I was heading home from work when H.A.’s father phoned me from India telling me that my wife called him and sounded disturbed. I sent one of our relatives to the house to check on my wife. He found one daughter in a pool of blood while the woman and her other child were in critical condition as a result of multiple stabs,” the husband said.

The family’s 29-year-old Indian neighbour, referred to by her initials I.A., testified: “H.A. stood at my doorstep and shouted hysterically with blood all over her hands and clothes. She asked me for help. When I headed to her room, I saw her daughters lying on the bed, covered with blood. They were motionless and H.A. was crying, and I saw the knife on the bed, beside the girls’ bodies. Then I informed the police,” the woman said.

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