An Indian was sentenced to 52 months in prison for attempting to murder his 14-year-old “disrespectful” daughter two years ago at Alliston near here.

Kamal Khanna, 46, a banker who moved to Canada from India in 1982, viciously attacked Ashna Khanna in her sleep, The Edmonton Sun reported on Sunday.

Ashna woke up to see her father standing over her bed, stabbing and punching her. “In terror, she fled to her sister’s room, but he chased her and continued to punch and stab her on the face, head, chest and abdomen in front of her 10-year-old sister,” the report said.

He left only when the girl went down on the floor, pretending to be unconscious. She was rushed to hospital, where she underwent multiple surgeries.

Khanna told the police that he intended to kill Ashna because she was often disrespectful. Her mother Sangeeta said she was at work when her youngest daughter called, screaming, “Daddy is killing Ashna.” She rushed home to see Ashna, covered in blood, being removed on a stretcher.

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