An Indian family in Japan’s radioactive exposure zone has declined to move out of the area though it was contacted by the Indian mission to facilitate their evacuation, embassy officials said here today.

“There is one family of an Indian national, married to a Japanese citizen, in the 20-30 km radius of nuclear installation. We have contacted them but they have decided against leaving the area,” officials told PTI.

The name of the Indian national was not immediately known.

However, officials said it was a fast evolving situation and one cannot be sure of what will happen in next 24-48 hours.

Meanwhile, more Indians continue to leave Japan, which is reeling under the devastation caused by Tsunami and massive earthquake last week. Currently, Japan is struggling to avert a nuclear meltdown in the aftermath of twin disaster.

“We will facilitate the return of all those who want to leave. Already Air India is flying daily flights with increased capacity and they are going full,” officials said.