High Commissioner of India to Sri Lanka Alok Prasad on Tuesday handed over to the U.N. Resident Representative, Neil Buhne, the fourth consignment of relief goods from India meant for the war-displaced population in northern Sri Lanka.

The 600-tonne consignment, valued at over $3-million, arrived in Colombo on August 8.

It consists of more than 6,00,000 packages of grocery items, utensils, plastic mats, clothing materials including children’s clothing, footwear, jerry cans and personal hygiene items.

Most of the items are in enough quantity to cover the needs of 80,000 families, nearly the entire IDP population in the north.

The Indian mission said New Delhi was appreciative of Colombo and the U.N. for facilitating distribution of materials to the war displaced.

“The Government of India hopes that the process of resettlement will continue apace. It reiterates its readiness to work with the Government of Sri Lanka in assisting the latter to fulfil its commitment for early resettlement of all displaced families to their original habitat.”

Important contribution

The U.N. said it would distribute the materials in the coming weeks with particular focus on those returning to their homes under the government’s 180-day plan.

“This contribution is extremely important now,” said Mr. Buhne.

“The goods provided will help to meet the needs of the displaced in the welfare centres, but can also be used to support the return of the displaced to their homes.”

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