South Carolina’s Indian-American Governor Nikki Haley has been cleared of wrongdoing by an ethics committee which probed allegations that she lobbied on behalf of her employers when she was a legislator.

“We turned over every stone that we could to find evidence that would make a different decision. It’s over. It’s been dismissed,” said State lawmaker J Roland Smith, Chairman of the House Ethics Committee which conducted the investigation against Ms. Haley, a Republican.

Ms. Haley (40) became the first Indian-American woman Governor of a U.S. State last year. She is also the first non-white governor of South Carolina.

Soon after the panel cleared her of wrongdoing giving her a major political victory, Ms. Haley wrote on her Facebook page: “It’s My Life.... Bon Jovi. Great song! ‘You better stand tall. When they’re calling you out. Don’t bend, don’t break. Baby, don’t back down’.”

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