Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras survived a confidence vote in parliament late Sunday after detailing plans for privatization, tax reforms and government savings designed to bring the nation out of its economic crisis.

The new government withstood the vote 179-121, drawing support from conservatives, socialists and the Democratic Left.

Samaras had told the parliament during three-days of debate that Greece must speed up reforms. He had been expected to survive the vote.

On Monday, the troika of the European Union, International Monetary Fund and European Central Bank is expected to release results of its examination of Greek finances, a member of the group told dpa.

The results are expected to hold negative news for Athens, with newspaper Kathimerini reporting the troika will say Greece must undertake privatization, tax reforms and further government cuts in order to receive further funds.

Two months of political deadlock after a first parliamentary election produced a hung parliament, Greece has fallen behind on the reform agenda demanded by creditors and is struggling with a worsening recession and record unemployment of more than 22 per cent.

Last week Samaras met with debt inspectors to seek to soften bailout terms during crucial negotiations with international creditors, as it seeks to remain solvent and avoid an exit from the eurozone.

Seeking more time to meet the targets, Samaras said, “We don’t want to change the goal. We want to change the means.” He said unemployment was the biggest challenge and was a threat to “social peace” with every second young person without a steady job.

The premier has called for a privatisation of government infrastructure firms and sale of government property.

The opposition has spoken out sharply against the plan, but Samaras dismissed the criticism.

Greece has imposed harsh austerity measures, which include tax hikes and large cuts to salaries and pensions in exchange for multi—billion euros in bailout loans, but it has struggled to meet the fiscal targets set out in its loan agreements.


Samaras sworn in Greek Premier June 20, 2012

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