Satyagraha House complete with the Mahatma's memorabilia and period pieces from India

A house in the leafy suburb of Orchards in Johannesburg, where Mahatma Gandhi once resided, is now a unique hotel that doubles up as a museum on the life of the leader who left a legacy in both South Africa and India.

‘Satyagraha House' was officially opened on Tuesday night by Jean Francois Rial, Chief Executive of French travel company Voyageurs du Monde, which bought the house from its owners two years ago.

With assistance from local historians, the company has re-created the authentic Edwardian home and developed an on-site museum complete with Gandhi memorabilia and period pieces from India that reflect the development of the Mahatma's anti-colonial and anti-racism philosophy and his commitment to non-violence. “Gandhi's concept of passive resistance became known as Satyagraha, hence the name chosen for this new tourism destination for those who wish to learn more about Gandhi's South African experience,” Mr. Rial said.

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