Allies of French President Francois Hollande mobilised on Monday in hopes of securing a crushing parliamentary majority for the Socialists that could bolster him in talks on how to save the embattled euro currency and revive Europe's economic fortunes.

Leftists dominated the first round of legislative elections, and Socialist leaders are calling for a final push of party unity ahead of Sunday's decisive second round of voting for seats in the National Assembly.

Final results released on Monday from nationwide balloting the previous day showed the Socialists and their allies on the left winning at least 46 per cent of the vote. The main conservative bloc led by former President Nicolas Sarkozy's UMP party had at least 34 per cent.

The unaligned far-right National Front won 13.6 per cent, remaining a wild card for the June 17 second round. Tiny parties drew the rest.

“(Voters) have clearly expressed their desire to give Francois Hollande the means to act during this five-year term,” Socialist boss Martine Aubry told reporters. “Everything has to be done, that’s why this second round is absolutely crucial and the marching order is simple - unity, and mobilisation.”

Polling agencies that have calculated the numbers precinct-by-precinct say the Socialists and allies could win an absolute majority in the 577-seat Assembly in the final round. It would cap the left’s near-universal control of France’s political landscape.

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